23rd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, 7 - 11 April 2019, Rotorua, Aotearoa New Zealand

IUHPE 2019 is the first world conference of our Union to offer a new type of engagement, The Master Class. Known in the performing arts for a long time, a Master Class offers opportunities for a Master to share insights and reflections with an "apprentice" - in the health promotion case, an early career research, practitioner or policy maker.

In the world of Performing Arts, a Master Class is a special interaction between an apprentice and a seasoned performer wherein the apprentices's performance is formatively appraised and constructively discussed by the Master Class mentor. Inspired by this model, we have designed sessions with 23 Masters, all seasoned health promotion researchers and practitioners, recognised for their original contributions to the field of health promotion and public health. 

The Scientific Committee invites students and early career researchers and practitioners to participate either as a passive participant (up to 12) or as an apprentice. To enrol as an apprentice, individuals must formulate a question / research problem / practice issue to be discussed with a specific Master. For each Master Class, a maximum of three apprentices will be selected based on the interest / relevance of the question / problem / issue raised. 

The Masterclass will start with a short introduction by the Master, presenting their work for five minutes. This will be followed by one-on-one exchanges of 15 minutes between each apprentice and the Master, based on a vetted question. There will be time for debate and reflection between apprentices and the Master.  The larger audience (maximum of 12 people) can be invited to participate in the 30- minute discussion period, however they are not to take an active part in the one-on-one exchange period.

IUHPE 2019 Masters

The Masters have kindly volunteered their time to work with apprentices at the Conference,please view the list of confirmed Masters.

Apprentice Application Procedure

We invite registered delegates who are an early career researcher, practitioner or policy maker, to apply to be an Apprentice at the 2019 Conference. Applications will need to include:

  • The name of the Master you wish to apprentice (you may only apply for one Masterclass);
  • One or two questions you would like to ask the Master (we suggest you distinguish between professional, technical and personal career management questions);
  • A brief CV detailing your career track (maximum of 1500 words and 4 pages)

Please download the application formand complete the requested details including the above criteria. Please save the file using your name as the filename and email the document to iuhpe@theconferencecompany.com by 28th February.

Acceptance and Masterclass

The IUHPE Masterclass Committee will review the applications and match Apprentices to Masters. In case of overwhelming competition, Apprentices will be shortlisted and selected based on their career track. A maximum of three Apprentices will be selected per Masterclass.

Selections will be finalized by 18th March, only successful applicants will be contacted via email to confirm selection.